Unsung Heroes!

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You know that old saying “Behind every great man is a woman”, well behind every great Leader is a Great Staff!   Leadership is a born trait, but implementing a Leaders vision is a learned trait.  Those who have learned to work with the strong and dynamic egos of their leaders are the reason for the success of any mission.  They are the unsung heroes, wearing the scars and fatigue of battle only to acquiesce the accolades to the Leader.

Associations are like governments, the first time leaders and committee members come in to reinvent the wheel, charged with enthusiasm and fresh new ideas that have been tried in the past, but only to have a new and improved wrapper on the same old stale idea.  Staff always recognizes that old musty smell, and before it permeates the room, they somehow gracefully remove it without the guests taking their first whiff.

Leaders are like seagulls; they fly in, drop their rhetoric and fly out.   Staff, always without fail, clean up the mess, smiles at the intrusions, and then move on to the next task.  Some seagulls are messier than others, but in the end, it’s the quality not the quantity that keeps the association moving forward.

There is an old saying….”You can’t get fired from a volunteer job” …but you will do all of your own work if you don’t appreciate the support team that will make you look good….or in their case…make you look bad.  You are only as important as you think you are.  Here’ a clue….Take care of those who take care of you.

We can fully expect 2012 will be as challenging as the last few years.  Our industry is saddled with uncertainty, our economy is still fragile.  The decisions we make today will affect the outcome of our future.  The decisions we will make in 2012 should help our predecessors make their strategic plans banking on the foundation we laid in our tenure.  We should never leave a mess for our predecessors to clean up, taking away their ability to build upon the previous successes.

The staff at SAR represent all of the membership….not just the leadership.  When you need help from one of these professionals, tell them how much you appreciate them…..because it isn’t the Leadership that does the work…it’s the staff that implements the ideas.   The “Vision” is only as good as the implementation.   The great staff working at SAR is the Unsung Hero.

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