The Making of a President

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Leadership is a quality that can be learned, but for most of the great leaders, it is a trait that is inherited from birth.  There are people who you know that will be at the top of their game, their profession, or their community.  They are the people who look at challenges with a smile and attack it with vengeance.

Leaders come in every in every shape and form. We have had in history tall leaders, short leaders, athletic leaders and leaders who have lead the way to the buffet line.   The common denominator of all leaders is their ability to get the job done.

Getting the job at hand done sounds easy, but unless you have shock collars around the neck of those who need to march into battle with you, you better be confident of the team you build will be behind you when you march up that field.

I have had the privilege of watching the “Making of a President”.  Anthony Homer and I have worked together since my entering the Real Estate business five years ago.  I had the privilege of studying the nuisances of the industry with him and seeing how he has transformed an old stodgy gentlemen’s society into a new wave of technology fueled “young professionals” eager to use the tools of the 21st century and incorporating the old world wisdom of good selling techniques to get the jump on the competition.

It is evident with his recent “Master of Ceremonies” responsibilities at the SAR Officer Installation luncheon that this young man is destined to greatness.  His charming and humorous personality is as engaging as anyone has been in a long time. His command of the audience comes to him as natural as his love of family and friends.

As former business owner and Senior Executive of an International Telecommunications Distribution Company, I came into contact with very talented professionals.  I always was looking to find young talented individuals who were new to the business.  Individuals, who weren’t afraid to speak up and challenge the system.  Anthony Homer embodies that leadership quality.

I look forward to working with Anthony in 2011, as he will teach all of us to leave our comfort zones and challenge us to march into battle with him to make 2011 the year the Commercial Investment Division the year of significant advancements in technology and education.

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