The Doors of Opportunity!

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We are about to venture into a new year, putting on a happy face and being optimistic about the economy turning around.  New faces and new ideas will soon blossom in the SAR as in our community.  It’s a fresh start and a new year.  So what inspiring words can I give my readers for 2011?

Having difficulty coming up with a topic for the January issue that would inspire, educate or humor the reader, I decided to take a break and cleanse my thoughts.  To do that, I decided to take a drive.

At the time of this writing, I was up at our family home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We had stopped by the house on our way back from a memorial service for a beloved Aunt who was a Titan of business in a time when women had only just won the right to vote.

The house is about 10 miles out of town, so any venture out to the store or to get gas is a road trip.  The car was in dire need of a wash and the town center had a gas station/grocery/car wash facility all in one.  The car wash was an automated -stay -in -your -car drive through type.  After paying for the wash, a garage door opens up….you drive in and the door shuts behind you.   While in this enclosed washer contraption, the program starts and your car get the whole treatment.  When the cycle is done….the other door opens so that you can exit.   That was the intended plan……

I waited for the exit door to open… but it didn’t.   I’m now captive by a robotic carwash.  Fortunately there is an emergency telephone number posted on the wall.  I dial the number and explain to the person who answers the phone that I am stuck in the car wash.   Shortly thereafter, a technician shows up.  Unfortunately, the technician has no clue what to do is not having any luck getting the doors to open.   So again…I wait for a solution to the problem.

During my confinement, I had time to reflect on my topic for the New Year.  I was inspired by the dilemma I was in.  I accomplished my goal of getting the car washed, but I was at the mercy of the system to exit the deal.   It made me think about how real estate transactions are similar to my predicament.   I did everything I was supposed to do…but I had to rely on others doing their jobs to complete the transaction.

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