Fall in love with your career …Again!

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The month of February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day.  February 14th has been celebrated around the world since the middle ages. This is the day that celebrates the exchange of the expression of love for that very special person.  For many of us, it represents a way to heal the wounds of our past mistakes or the short comings we may have inflicted upon our loved ones during the year.  It also represents the annual trip to the flower shop, card store or confectionary counter.


Technology has helped those of us who get caught up in the monotony of the daily schedule by providing a working calendar through the magic of Microsoft Outlook. You just highlight the date and set the reminder to pop up two weeks before the event. Everyday….that little reminder is like the countdown from NASA for a shuttle launch.  Unfortunately…having thirteen more days of reminders only gives me a pass to the definition of procrastination.


Yikes……it’s suddenly February 13th and once again I don’t have a card and nothing planned.  I make my usual trek down to the drug store to buy that heart-warming, super sensitive, mushy card.  I make my way through the throng of husbands, boyfriends, and general procrastinators to find that one of a kind card…..you know…the one that is written by the consummate romantic spewing poems of tenderness and bliss…like “My life is fulfilled with the precious gifts of love and you are the most precious gift of all”.   Unfortunately…those cards were picked over by the well organized romantics who reacted to their calendar on day one, not on day thirteen, leaving me with only snappy verses like “Roses are red, violets are blue, I waited too long and got stuck with you”.  (This is where cupid rhymes with stupid)


By now you are asking yourself,  “What does all of this have to do with loving my career, especially in this challenging market we have been experiencing for the last three years”  As a matter of fact, loving this job is not the adjective you would use right now to describe your career…..Am I hitting home yet?


It is time to reflect on your priorities and reorganize.  Act like it is day one and not day thirteen. Treat your job like you did when the market was hot.  Go to work every day and plant the seeds for the future harvest.  As our new SAR President, Eric Schumway,  has asked….”Have a winning attitude”  and to have the willingness to be positive.  A positive attitude will equate into success and the success will equate into the renewed love for your career.


Brad Lindberg

CID – Director


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