Did you get “stung” by the economy in 2010?

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When the sun sets on another year, it will be time to reflect on what legacy we leave behind.  It’s a time to pull out the business plan and measure the successes against the “not so successes”.   We should never use the words failure or defeat, as those words define the end of the opportunity.  Our inability to have accomplished a set of goals in one year should be our motivation to accomplish those goals it in the next year.

The mid-term election of 2010 was a great example of having a second chance to “get it right”. No matter what side of the debate you are on, we live in the greatest nation on earth to be able to express our opinions and cast our vote for what we feel is right.

Real  Estate is ALL about the economy.   If we have a sound economy with a vibrant job market, that equates into homes, businesses, and growth.   Growth is healthy.  Uncontrolled growth is unhealthy.   This is where the division comes from with those who are passionate about the growth issues.

The disconnect between those who are for growth and prosperity and those who advocate anti-growth and control is not about the end result, but about the method of how the end result  is achieved.  We all aspire for the same outcome,  it’s the method of how to achieve the end result that is the problem.

In the grand scheme, isn’t that the problem with every issue debated in the election.  Both sides wanted a vibrant economy.  Both sides wanted more jobs.  Both sides wanted the best programs for the people. Both sides know all the programs need to be funded and both sides believe their solution is best.  What both sides can’t agree on is the method to accomplish the shared goals.

All actions have unintended consequences.  It goes back to the law of physics.  For every action, there is a reaction.  Did you ever think about the dilemma of the honey bee?  The honey bee has a stinger for reproduction and defense.  If it feels threatened, it will sting the intruder.  Unfortunately, by stinging the intruder, the loss of the stinger causes eventual death.  There is no good outcome from that decision, unless of course,  choosing to die slowly versus being stomped on is a better way to go.

In our profession we are faced every day with decisions that will affect the outcome of our deals.  Our ultimate goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction for all parties involved.  We know in reality that we will rarely achieve making everyone 100% happy…but when we do….we need to enjoy the short lived euphoria.

Tomorrow is a new day, and the challenges of today will be the opportunities of the future.  We always need to move forward and drive ourselves to meet our goals.  So when the sun rises on a new day, take the time reflect and smell the flowers….but beware….the honey bee may be close….and his goal is to die slowly!

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