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“Save our Kids education…or save our Medicare”


On March 16th, there is a referendum ballot for extending the 1 mil school tax that we are being asked to vote on.  Depending on the stage of life you’re in, may determine how you feel about funding our schools.  If your kids are grown and have left the nest, school funding may not get you as excited as it did when the little rug rats were wrecking the house, but take away Medicare…”Now you just wait one minute young man!”

There are groups in our community that believe that we have done enough for our educational system. Throwing more money at the problem is not the solution….except of course if you are speaking about saving Medicare.  “Cut Medicare……Are you nuts?   Why would you even think of doing that?”

When the opponents of the school tax referendum talk about how much we spend per child as compared to other counties, they fail to include in their argument that Florida has one of the lowest per-pupil funding , as quoted in an article written  in the St Pete Times, January 7, 2009;

Education Week’ ………….Florida has one of the worst graduation rates in the country and among the lowest rates of per-pupil funding. It also clangs off a perception, ingrained in the collective psyche of Floridians , that their schools are lame.”

The presumption that cutting funding for education will promote higher test scores and graduation rates is statistically flawed. The fact that Florida is ranked 41th out 50 states per-pupil funding should be a wake-up call for all us in the real estate business. If we don’t improve our educational system, our appeal as a community will diminish.  Families, businesses, and the elderly value the benefits of a community that puts the education of its citizens first.  When a piece of the puzzle is missing, then the picture of our community is incomplete.

As residential and commercial real estate professionals, it is our mission to sell community as much as selling property.  It‘s easy to walk the line and not take a stand, but paying for educating our children today will provide for a better future for all of us tomorrow.  If we don’t perpetuate a society of talented, healthy and educated young people, we won’t have anyone to fund what we’ll all need one day….Medicare!


Brad Lindberg

CID – Director

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