Understanding your real estate requirements is more than finding a property that you like.  Understanding your business is the key to matching the functionality to your financial capabilities. rhetorical analysis essay topics It’s more than just a place to operate your business.  It’s the key to your success.


Brad understands business.  As a former business owner in Sarasota, he had to make the tough decisions to grow the business while operating within a budget.  In the mid 1980’s, the economy was still fragile, recovering from the recession of the late 70’s.  Decisions to invest were calculated and strategic.  Survival meant anticipating the next barrier to success and having a plan to navigate effectively around it.


For twenty five years, as a senior executive and managing partner write my homework for me in an international telecommunications distribution company, Brad had responsibilities for operations, site evaluations, relocations and business evaluations. For the last 10 years he has taken that valuable experience and applied it to the commercial real estate industry giving his clients a perspective to their business helping them make the solid decisions that is right for their business.